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Because avoiding an accident is the best way to protect your crew and community, the PROTECH System by E-ONE features the unique OnGuard® collision warning and mitigation system, G4® (electronic stability control), the CrewGuard occupant detection system, a 360-degree camera system and backup sensors. Combined with protection, or as we like to call it, ProTech-tion, E-ONE provides the safest technology package for your crew.


We test and re-test E-ONE fire trucks until they exceed SAE, ECE and NFPA standards. In fact, our cab structure withstood over five times the static roof load and over twice the frontal impact required by the NFPA and SAE, making it the strongest cab in the industry. Every E-ONE cab is designed with a structural roll cage to provide maximum protection and the highest levels of performance — structural extrusions and sub-frames, full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights and crossbeam extrusions. Your next E-ONE Fire Truck comes with horizontal and vertical supports to carry vertical loads, thicker, 3/16” aluminum-alloy exterior skin material and more. On-site testing capabilities include tilt and stability, pump testing, cab water-leak testing, aerial stability testing on both flat ground and a five degree slope, weight scales, waterway flow testing, bumper turret under truck nozzle spray testing, load bank testing, and grade ability testing.


  • Sub-frame structural extrusions
  • Full-flange wishbone frame rail
  • Center upright extrusions
  • Crossbeam extrusions
  • Horizontal and Vertical supports
  • 3/16” aluminum-alloy perimeter cab skin
  • Uses forward-looking radar to detect developing rear end collisions
  • Provides audible and visual warnings
  • Automatically intervenes by de-throttling and aggressively applying the brakes
  • Avoids or mitigates the impact of rear-collision accidents
  • Steering wheel airbag
  • Officer knee airbag
  • Driver knee airbag
  • Integrated seat belt pretensioners
  • Electronic stability control
  • System intervenes when critical lateral acceleration is detected
  • Constantly monitors driving conditions
  • Offers more stability during evasive maneuvers
  • 360 degree “bird’s eye view” of apparatus
  • Optional DVR records scene around apparatus
  • Triggered by reverse, turn signals and park brake inputs
  • Conventional rear, right and left cameras also available
  • Occupant detection system with audible and visual warnings
  • Integrated into electronic display or separate indicator
  • Warns driver of potential obstacles at rear of vehicle
  • Sensors operate in fog, rain, smoke and snow
  • Audible warning countdowns remaining feet as vehicle reverses

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