Training Schedule

E-ONE strives to provide your department and employees with product knowledge and the technical skills to safely and effectively operate E-ONE fire apparatus. We offer a selection of training courses including familiarization with specific products, operations and maintenance, as well as courses that help in preparation for EVT exams. Search our classes by subject and by month, register online and travel to our state-of-the-art facilities in Ocala, Florida for your session. You will be personally greeted and given a full tour of our manufacturing processes. To view the list of courses that we offer, please click here

2021 Training Schedule        
Class datesClass NameInstructor
January 11-14EVT F6 Allison transmissionsCopen
January 25-28MultiplexCopen
February 1-5Aerial 1Copen
February 8-12Aerial 2CopenCancelled
March 1-5EVT F-A4 Advanced ElectricalCopenCancelled
March 22-25EVT F1 Maint,Insp,TestingCopen.
April 19-22EVT F3 Fire Pumps and AccessoriesCopen
May 3-7EVT F5 AerialCopen
May 17-21EVT F2 Design & PerformanceCopen
June 5EVT National Test Day
June 7-10MultiplexCopen
June 14-17EVT A1 ARFF StandardsCopen/Tucker
July 12-15EVT F7 Foam systemsCopen
July 26-30EVT F4 ElectricalCopen
August 2-5EVT A2 ARFF Chassis & ComponentsCopen/Tucker
August 16-20EVT F8 Hydraulic systemsTucker/Copen
September 20-23EVT A3 ARFF Extinguishment SystemsCopen
October 4-8Bronto MaintCopen/Beatrice
October 16EVT National test Day
October 18-21EVT F1 Maint,Insp,TestingCopen
November 1-5EVT F4 ElectricalCopen
November 15-18EVT F3 Fire Pumps and AccessoriesCopen
December 6-9MultiplexCopen