OCALA, FL – April 27, 2022 – REV Fire Group, which includes REV Group Inc. manufacturers of fire apparatus E-ONE®, KME®, Ferrara, Spartan Fire Chassis, Spartan Emergency Response®, Smeal, and Ladder Tower, is proud to announce the launch of Current’s 365DisInFx technology in its fire apparatus to help provide a safer and clearer environment for first responders.

United Safety and Survivability Corporation’s (USSC) 365DisInFx technology solution can be easily installed into the cab headliner of fire apparatus. The small device utilizes UVC and UVA technology to help reduce viruses in the air and bacteria and fungus on surfaces including SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. This UVC and UVA technology was designed to operate below human health exposure limits so it  can be operated while the apparatus is occupied and in service.

This device also includes white and red LED lights, which provide additional cab interior lighting and exceed the NFPA surface illumination requirements.

United Safety’s 365Disinfx system, in conjunction with the Active Air Purification System, helps to promote an all-around cleaner and safer operating environment for first responders. Both Current’s 365DisInFx technology and the Active Air Purification System will be on display at FDIC as part of REV Fire Group’s World of Innovation and Protection at Booth #4516.

“Current announced its 365DisInFx partnership with USSC a year ago and we are impressed with USSC’s speed and dedication to protecting first responders. We look forward to working with USSC to roll out this technology to their other platforms,” said Manish Bhandari, President & CEO, Current.

“We are proud to partner with Current and USSC in providing the cutting-edge clean cab technology that our first responders deserve. This is another tool to help protect those who work tirelessly to protect us. Learn more about these at our booth at FDIC,” said Kent Tyler, President, REV Fire Group.



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