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E-ONE’s new stainless steel, top-mount enclosed commercial pumper offers all the comfort, convenience and safety necessary to keep your crew protected from the elements so they can stay focused on protecting the community. The eMAX® pump configuration combined with the one-piece, stainless steel crew cab and pump module allow E-ONE to offer a 10-20” shorter wheelbase than competitive products while increasing the usable compartment space and making the truck more maneuverable. The redesigned crew area and chassis cab offer seating for up to seven personnel with convenience features in the crew cab including fold-up, heated seats, armrest cup holders and dynamic SCBA mounting. To keep the driver, officer and crew comfortable, this truck also features a 87,000 BTU heating and 25,000 BTU cooling system. Safety is also a key component of this design with E-ONE’s crew cab door-locking mechanisms meeting FMVSS 206 requirements.


  • Freightliner®, International®, or Peterbilt® two-door chassis
  • Crew cab features stainless steel doors with sliding windows; door locking mechanisms meet FMVSS 206 requirements
  • Up to 380 HP Engine
  • Seating for up to four in crew cab and up to three in chassis
  • Two-tone cab paint
  • 87,000 BTU heating and 25,000 BTU cooling system
  • 50-gallon fuel tank
  • Allison transmission with touch-button shifter
  • Two-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Positive pressure ventilation system available to keep dust out of the cab
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 530 to 1280 gallon tank capacities available with integral foam cells
  • Lower pre-connected hand lines and shorter wheelbase than conventional designs
  • Ladder tunnel for two-section, roof or attic ladders and pike poles
  • Low-mounted speed-lays and back board storage
  • A convenient access panel in the forward compartment on the officer’s side allows for easy access when servicing the pump and plumbing
  • Rescue Pumper Options: full height full depth driver and/or officer compartments, extra large compartments while retaining greater maneuverability and lower overall length, and roof top compartments
  • Popular options: hinged or roll-up doors, adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, tool boards, SCBA storage, low hose bed for easier access, and wide or narrow upper storage compartments; Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) with 12-year paint warranty
  • Top-mount pump operator controls
  • Compact pump operator panel design is less than 24” wide
  • Pumps up to 1500 GPM
  • Manual or electric valves
  • Class A or Class B direct injection foam systems, CAFS or ATP foam systems available
  • Tried and true split shaft pump drive design does not rely on a continuously spinning power take-off, resulting in less noise, less moving parts and less wear and tear on your apparatus
  • All discharge controls are conveniently located at the pump panel, away from discharge hoses
  • Low intakes for easier hose connection
  • Multiplex electrical system provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics
  • Color vista display available
  • Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional
  • Fixed and pole mounted scene lighting
  • Optional 6-20kW hydraulic generators

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