One of the industry’s most innovative apparatus designs, the eMAX, now meets the unique, diverse demands of urban interface. The Urban Interface eMAX offers maximum maneuverability with a short 168” wheelbase; maximum storage space for a configuration of this size with up to 340 cubic feet of storage; maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines and a rear access ladder; maximum urban interface with a 20 degree angle of approach and departure for off-road clearance, front skid plates and fuel tank brush guard for off-road protection, low profile bumper turret with joystick controls, and an optional hydraulic pump and roll system.


  • Cyclone® or Typhoon® chassis
  • Medium, long and extended length 4-door cabs available
  • Optional vista roof in three heights
  • Wheelbase as low as 168”
  • Up to 600 HP engine
  • Standard safety features such as roll cage cab, CrewGuard & ABS
  • Optional safety features such as airbags & G4 (electronic stability control)
  • Optional 4-wheel drive
  • Available with galvanized frame for corrosion protection
  • Body available in 3/16” extruded aluminum or stainless steel
  • 530 to 780 gallon tank capacities available with integral foam cells
  • Lower pre-connected hand lines and shorter wheelbase than conventional designs
  • Low-mounted speed-lays and back board storage
  • A convenient access panel in the forward compartment on the officer’s side allows for easy access when servicing the pump and plumbing
  • Low-mounted rear hose reel
  • Full height full depth driver and officer side compartments and two roof top storage compartments for up to 340 cubic feet of storage space
  • Popular options: hinged or roll-up doors, adjustable shelves, roll-out trays, tool boards, SCBA storage, aluminum or vinyl hose bed covers, low hose bed for easier access, and wide or narrow upper storage compartments
  • Recessed ladder rack
  • Side-mount pump operator controls
  • Compact pump operator panel design is less than 24” wide
  • Pumps up to 1500 gpm
  • Hydraulic pump and roll
  • Manual or electric valves
  • Class A or class B direct injection foam systems, CAFS or ATP foam systems available
  • Tried and true split shaft pump drive design does not rely on a continuously spinning power take-off, resulting in less noise, less moving parts and less wear and tear on your apparatus
  • All discharge controls are conveniently located at the pump panel, away from discharge hoses
  • Low intakes for easier hose connection
  • Multiplex electrical system provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics
  • Color vista display available
  • Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional
  • Fixed and pole mounted scene lighting
  • Optional 6-20 kW hydraulic generators

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