The Combo Rescue has a bit of everything on board. It’s a true platform to cover every possible need when a walk-in or non-walk-in alone cannot cover the task at hand. The body is configured with a traditional rear non-walk-in body coupled with a separate or integrated walk-in module. Like any E-ONE rescue product, each part of a combo rescue can be configured to meet many mission critical needs.

E-ONE engineers extruded aluminum or 304L stainless steel products that meet or exceed NFPA standards and are built to last in the harsh environments where they serve. All E-ONE bodies are fully modular in design and construction, meaning the entire body can be lifted away from the frame without body failure. This construction is the most durable and ensures the longest service life in the industry.

First responders can count on the quality of an E-ONE combo rescue to be ready to get the job done when it matters most. By offering our combo rescue units on the industry’s strongest custom chassis platform with custom cab, and select commercial platforms, E-ONE meets the jobs’ critical needs without sacrificing safety or quality.


  • Cyclone® and Typhoon® chassis
  • Medium, long and extended length 4-door cabs available
  • Galvanized/ powder coated 10.25″-12″ C-channel frame and liner if applicable
  • Up to 600 HP Engine on custom
  • Standard safety features such as roll cage cab, CrewGuard & ABS brakes
  • Optional safety features such as airbags & G4 (electronic stability control)
  • Also available on select commercial platforms optioned as available from OEM
  • Multiple body configurations available including popular options such as rooftop compartments with center walkway and front storage pan for light towers, hydraulic system components and cascade bottles
  • Upper body access options: built-in staircase, officer-side ladder, pulldown staircase, or officer’s side staircase
  • LED, halogen, or fluorescent lighting
  • Compartment configurations designed to customer’s specifications for hydraulic rescue tools, electric, hydro or air reels
  • Toolboards, trays, custom poly boxes and airbag racks to fit any needs
  • Foam systems available
  • Industry leading performance from E-ONE PTO driven HRT system. 3, 4 or 6 tools systems. Compatible with most hydraulic rescue tools
  • Breathing air systems: compressors, fill stations, booster pumps with air bottles/cascade system
  • Generators: 5kW to 75kW, direct drive, hydraulic, diesel
  • Pump and water tank (Wet Rescue)
  • Body available in extruded aluminum or formed 304L stainless steel
  • Body sizes ranging from 16’ to 26’
  • Exterior access to storage compartments
  • Roll up or hinged doors
  • Under body compartments
  • Awning: electric or manual
  • Receivers designed for electric winch or rope rescues
  • Body anchor points for high angle rope rescue
  • Multiplex electrical system with color display provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics
  • Light tower on top of cab or body
  • Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional

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