E-ONE offers a suite of decontamination and biohazard mitigation options that includes SCBA and bunker gear storage outside of the crew area, HEPA air filtration system and easy to clean seating. These solutions are designed to help mitigate contaminants inside the cab promoting a better environment for your crew. Having a variety of choices allows your department to customize the apparatus to meet your department needs and overall mission.


    • External transverse compartment across the back of the cab to store SCBAs on pull-out boards for easy access. Transverse body compartment configurations are also available on custom or commercial chassis products.
    • Compartments over the front wheels on custom cabs with only exterior access for storing bunker gear.
    • Non-SCBA seats to help prevent contamination from air packs entering the cab.
    • HEPA air filtration unit that locates in the crew area of custom cab circulates the air, removing particulates. A separate HEPA unit results in no loss of performance with the cab HVAC system.
    • Seating surfaces that promote a cleaner environment inside the cab include vinyl, which is easy to wipe down, or fabric with an anti-microbial and anti-pathogenic protective barrier.
    • Integrated system for automated dispensing of disinfectant inside the cab, reducing first responder exposure to harmful pathogens. When activated, this built-in design provides consistent and reliable delivery of disinfectant.
    • A 3/4 inch GHMT (garden hose) outlet on the pump panel, plumbed from the pump, provides a pressure regulated and temperature controlled water supply for gross decontamination of firefighters.

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