e-Max Rescue Pumper
Eloy, Arizona

e-Max Rescue Pumper
Eloy, Arizona


Truck Type: Custom Pumpers
Fire Department Name: Eloy Fire District
Location: Eloy, Arizona
Dealer Name: H&E Equipment Services (Arizona)
Dealer Phone: 602-232-0600
Email Address: mjulien@he-equipment.com
Shop Order: 142054
Body: Extruded Aluminum
Chassis: Typhoon X long cab with 67.5" CA
Axle: Single
Engine: Cummins L9 450HP/EVS3000
Tank: 1000 Gallon “R” Water Tank with 20 gallon foam tank for Class B foam
Ladder: NA
Pump: E-ONE 1500 GPM single stage pump

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