Bronto Skylift F135RLX
Manchester, NH

Bronto Skylift F135RLX
Manchester, NH


Truck Type: Platforms
Fire Department Name: Manchester Fire Department
Location: Manchester, NH
Dealer Name: Greenwood Emergency Vehicles
Dealer Phone: 508-695-7138
Email Address: jbuckley@greenwoodev.com
Shop Order: 142506
Body: Extruded aluminum
Chassis: Cyclone
Axle: Tandem Axle
Engine: Cummins 600 HP X15 engine
Pump: 1250 GPM waterway flow

More Information

  • Articulating boom design with up-and-over rescue capability and below ground level reach of 15’
  • Up to 88′ of horizontal reach
  • Variable jacking (operational envelope will adjust based on the amount each outrigger is extended)
  • 1275 lb max platform load (1000 lb personnel plus 275 lb equipment)
  • Enclosed ladder storage for 99′ of ground ladders
  • 8 kw Harrison hydraulic generator
  • AXIS® Smart Truck Technology
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