Safety is Never Secondary

Strongest Cab in the Industry

Tested to rigorous SAE and ECE standards, E-ONE cabs not only meet but exceed the 2009 NFPA 1901 requirements. In recent third-party testing, our cab structure withstood over five times the static roof load and over twice the frontal impact required by the NFPA and SAE – making it the strongest cab in the industry. Every E-ONE cab is designed and built with a structural roll cage design to provide maximum protection and comfort for firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights and crossbeam extrusions are all engineered for exceptional performance. Horizontal and vertical supports carry  vertical loads that can occur in an accident. The exterior cab skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum-alloy for added strength. And with three cab styles, all exceeding the latest NFPA standards, you won’t have a problem finding the right fit for whatever custom configuration your department needs.

Tested to Perfection

E-ONE is one of the few manufacturers to have an on-site tilt table, allowing product designs to be validated on campus. Although not an NFPA requirement, we conduct this test for two very important reasons: to ensure stability and to instill confidence. Additional on-site testing capabilities include pump testing, cab water-leak testing, aerial stability testing on both flat ground and a five degree slope, weight scales, waterway flow testing, bumper turret under truck nozzle spray testing, load bank testing, and grade ability testing just to name a few.