Customized to Meet Your Needs

With more than 28,000 first responder vehicles in active service throughout North America and 40 countries around the world, what really sets our pumpers apart is the versatility, durability and quality you’ll receive from your E-ONE® pumper. With options such as aluminum or stainless steel bodies, side, top, or rear mounted pump operator panels, roll-up or hinged doors, internal and external storage options and much more, E-ONE pumpers offer the customization to meet your diverse demands.

Rear-Mount Rescue Pumper

With the E-ONE rear-mount pumper, the operator has full view of the scene due to the rearward, side-facing pump panel design. By placing the pump and the pump operator panel at the rear of the apparatus, the wheel base is significantly reduced, improving maneuverability. This makes the E-ONE rear-mount pumper ideal for getting around narrow street corners and subdivisions. This configuration is available with tank capacities up to 1030-gallons along with internal and external storage for NFPA ladders and equipment.

Custom Pumper

E-ONE pumpers and rescue pumpers are the most versatile, durable pumpers on the market. Offering both 3/16” extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies, tank sizes up to 1530 gallons and available on three of the industry’s strongest chassis, E-ONE pumpers will meet unique needs while exceeding expectations. With a wide variety of internal storage options to keep fire suppression and rescue equipment organized and protected from the elements, E-ONE pumpers allow you to fight fires and respond to all the emergencies in between. And at E-ONE, safety is never secondary.

Commercial Pumper

Manufactured by the same skilled technicians and engineers who design E-ONE mainline products, E-ONE commercial pumpers offer the perfect combination of Quality, Performance and Flexibility to meet your department’s operational and budgetary needs. Quality - commercial pumpers are fully engineered for prompt delivery, easy service and reduced cost over the life of your department’s apparatus. Performance – E-ONE partners with the most reliable commercial chassis manufacturers in the industry to pair with our proven extruded aluminum body design.