HPS 100 Steel Platform Showcased at FDIC

Steel aerial with E-ONE “DNA” has been introduced.

All the strength of E-ONE’s aluminum aerial is now available in steel. E-ONE showcased  the revolutionary HPS 100 steel platform during FDIC International 2016, April 18-23 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

This HPS100 steel platform boasts the same E-ONE aerial “DNA” with a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, integral torque box chassis and crisscross, under-slung jack system. E-ONE has earned its reputation of reliability in the industry from a 30-plus-year track record of building on these solid design elements that make up their aerial system. The tried and true design of E-ONE is expanded with the HPS 100 Platform’s 100-foot vertical reach and 1,305-lb. platform capacity.

From the very efficient, high-strength DOMEX® steel to its innovative roller system for smooth extension and retraction, the new HPS 100 capitalizes on the superior performance of the E-ONE aerial system with an innovative new steel platform” said Jim Salmi, E-ONE Director of Aerial Product Development. “Keeping the E-ONE aerial DNA was the challenge on this product, yet we have accomplished the task with overwhelmingly positive results.”

“Given E-ONE’s strong reputation with their aerial products, there was considerable interest in what we can offer with a steel device,” Salmi said. Like its aluminum counterpart, the HPS 100 Platform has the toughest cab in the business with more than twice the frontal impact required by NFPA and more than five times the static roof load of other aerials.

The HPS 100′ Platform features the most innovative technologies to keep crews safe, while the crisscross, under-slung outriggers deploy to a tight 15’ 6” spread in less than 45 seconds, allowing the HPS 100 Platform to go where other aerials can’t, and all in industry-leading record time.