Electronic Stability Control

G4™, E-ONE’s exclusive electronic stability control system, ensures you make it to the scene quickly and safely, even when you’re behind the wheel of the heaviest of vehicles. G4 utilizes sensors on each wheel to constantly monitor driving conditions. When critical lateral acceleration is detected or if the tires begin to slip, the system intervenes. Available on all E-ONE custom chassis, G4 adjusts power and braking using roll stability control, anti-lock brakes and automatic traction control. Optional 17” front and rear disc brakes improve brake performance over traditional systems. The result: more stability during evasive maneuvers and more confidence behind the wheel.

Rollover Protection System

When the unthinkable happens, it’s best to be prepared. With that in mind, E-ONE teamed with LifeGuard Technologies®, a division of IMMI® - a leading provider of advanced safety systems. Through this partnership, we integrated a state-of-the-art Roll-Over Protection System into our proven cab designs. When a rollover event is inevitable, a roll sensor activates the system, tightening the seat belts to secure each firefighter to the seat and deploying inflatable head curtains at each front and rear outboard location.

Integrated Tethered Seat Belts

Your seat belts are only as secure as the structure they are connected to. To better hold crewmembers in place, we’ve also developed a unique tether system that secures the ABTS seat backs to the rigid cab structure. By being connected to a sturdier structure, the seats experience less deflection, increasing occupant safety.


E-ONE apparatus is now available with V-MUX. V-MUX is an optional multiplex electrical system to integrate all your apparatus systems and components. V-MUX offers fewer wires, fewer splices and connectors, and built-in diagnostics.